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Collaborate with Creative Souls & Spark Something New!




= (Selectivity + Locality + Fantasy + Belonging)²

= Unlimited Possibilities


SLFBSQUARED (self-b-squared) is a dedicated and passionate design studio formed by experts from art, fashion, engineering, and academia. Leveraging cross-industry innovations, we craft creative solutions to practical problems using all art forms, starting with fashion. 

We believe good design should be available to and appreciated by people from all walks of life. Our products magnify selectivity, locality, fantasy, and sense of belonging: 

Selectivity - We prioritize quality over quantity while preserving affordability.  We handpick the best manufacturers for each product following comprehensive selection procedures. Each step in our manufacturing process undergoes professional scrutiny and stringent testing to ensure unparalleled quality.  

Locality - We support local, emerging artists and partner with them in coming up with refreshing designs.

Fantasy - Thanks to our multidisciplinary expertise, we are able to keep our studio fun and imaginative.  We want our clients to be constantly amazed at what we are going to present.

Belonging - Our design process creates an intimate sense of belonging. Our artists are free to express their ideas, and our clients can have their needs thoughtfully incorporated. We would like to keep the team small and provide more for the clients and artists. 

Our mission is to make pioneering ideas come true. We are committed to incorporating diversity in all we do, by representing various cultures, backgrounds, and specialties into our designs. If you are a creative person, please come and collaborate with us. Together, we can spark something new by combining our unique experiences.



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